Urgent eBay Classified Ad Update!

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Urgent Update To eBay Classified Ad Site!

Please Do Not Share This With Anyone Else…


Here is what eBay sent me via email when they flagged my video after they made changes to their filters:

Subject: Your Ad (id:1183274444, title:’San Jose Plumber 464-44plumb1′) was removed from the site.

Dear eBay Classifieds user,

eBay Classifieds is committed to creating a safer classified community site. As a result, your ads have been removed from the eBay Classifieds site because they violate our policy against keyword spamming.

To help you create successful ads on eBay Classifieds please take a look at all of our posting policies:


If you still have any questions please contact us here:


We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about our policies.

Thank you for your cooperation.

- The eBay Classifieds Team

End of email

Watch the above video where I go over what I do to avoid this challenge:

So I would recommend just taking a couple of minutes and tweaking it a little. You might as well do it for all the ad sites as well since it cant hurt and only help since they might start implementing this in the future as well.

Here is an example of what I mean:

This ad relates to Offering San Jose Plumber and plumbing. The best San Jose Plumber. San Jose plumbing and plumber when you want the best. Call Affordable San Jose Plumber when you need it fast. You wont find a better Discount San Jose Plumber in all the bay area. We are the best Bay Area Plumber Service.


It doesnt have to be pretty or be legible. Just as long as its not a bunch of phrases with just commas.

In the above example I highlighted the keywords being targeted in red. This is just an example and you can probably put hundreds of search phrases in there if you followed this method. But I havent tested it yet. I just used it for my ads that had 10 search phrases with commas and triggered the filter with eBay classifieds.


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